TP-Link TL-WPS510U Printserver (无线, USB)

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TP-Link TL-WPS510U Printserver (无线, USB)
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TP-Link TL-WPS510U Printserver 
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The TP-Link TL-WPS510U printserver can connect USB printers to the WiFi network.

The network configuration of the printserver is a bit complicated. The default configuration of the printserver has the IP address, and the configuration web interface can only be accessed by this address.

As soon as one connects to the web interface the network address has to be adapted to the subnet address of the LAN. (A German description for this change can be found at

After configuration, the printer connected to the TL-WPS510U can be accessed by CUPS. Hence CUPS has to be started on the local PC and configured via the address


in a web browser. The option “Add new printer” has to be selected, and configured for AppSocket/HP JetDirect. Then, The printer can be accessed by


Afterwards, further configuration of the CUPS, e.g. setup of the connected printer model is possible.


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