Logitech T630 (Touch Mouse, Ultra Thin, USB)

I/O Bluetooth, Logitech, Mouse, USB 3.0, Wireless

Logitech T630 (Touch Mouse, Ultra Thin, USB)
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Review of Linux Compatibility

The Logitech T630 is a wireless mouse, which connects to the PC via Bluetooth. The MT630 can be paired with two partners in parallel (e.g., PC and Laptop). It stores both partners and one can switch between the two paired partners with on switch at the bottom of the mouse.

The T630 was successfully tested under Ubuntu 13.10 and OpenSuse 12.3.

The connection between T630 and PC (or more precisely: gnome-bluetooth) is disconnected after each reboot. To achieve automatic paring, the following lines have to be added to the file /usr/share/gnome-bluetooth/pin-code-database.xml:

<!-- Logitech Ultrathin Touch Mouse -->
<device oui="00:1F:20:" name="Ultrathin Touch Mouse" pin="0000"/>

Touch Gestures

The touch, which are performed on the surface of the mouse, are also supported under Linux. Pressing the touch surface at the upper-right and upper-left corner is identical to a right and left mouse click (X11 button events 1 and 3). The middle mouse button is achieved by pressing the middle of the touchpad (not the upper middle, as one would expect).

Additional one-finger-gestures like vertical and horizontal scrolling are also supported (X11 button events 4 to 7). Button Events 8 and 9 can be achieved by two-winger swipe gestures to right and left corner of the mouse.

two finger clicks simulate the Super_L key, i.e. under Unity the Dash is shown. Swipe gestures to the right and left corner of the mouse can be used under Firefox to switch between open tabs.

An overview of the touch gestures is shown at : http://www.logitech.com/assets/50008/t630-touch-gestures-guide.pdf

Battery Status

The battery status of the mouse is provided via Bluetooth to the Linux kernel. Due to a bug in the “upower” tool the mouse battery status is interpreted as Laptop battery status.

Source: http://ralphm.net/blog/2013/10/10/logitech_t630

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  • Jyh-Shyong on said:

    I have the T630 mouse, but I am not able to make it work with 64-bit OpenSuSE 13.1, I have modified the file pin-code-database.xml as described in this article, but it still failed to work. Perhaps something else is needed to be modified too for 13.1?

    • Claude on said:

      Had a similar problem, but it appears to be now working fine after editing the additional lines found in the same file

      Look for the following lines

      <!-- Mice don't need pincodes -->
      	device type="mouse" pin="NULL"/

      change to

      <!-- Mice don't need pincodes -->
      	device type="mouse" pin="0000"/
    • admin on said:

      Hello Claude,
      had to edit your comment, since the html tags inside your code were not correctly escaped. You currently have to use “code” with squared brackets [..] instead of “<” and “>” in order to have HTML tags showing up.

      Could you please check, if the extract of pin-code-database.xml is now correct or if something was lost due to this error?

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