Canopus ADVC110

マルチメディア Canopus, コンバータ, ファイヤワイヤ, IEEE1394, ビデオ, ビデオの編集

Canopus ADVC110
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A very good analogic/digital capture video converter.
Take raw input from analogic source.
Quality is good but nothing more than a good video
capture card(for example the FlyView2000 which had
a very nice quality),sound is a little low but without the
noise of vhs,even if taken from vhs!
The installation is ultra easy,simply plug the device in
the firewire port,then use dvgrab,kdenlive,kino,…wathever
you want.
Last thing,is really expensive,price is from 180$ to over 300$
if found(is no more produced) new.
From 0 to 10 i give a 7

Easy to install
no external adapter(use firewire power)
sound without noise.



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