Canon PIXMA MP280 All-in-One (プリンタ, コピー機, Scanner)

オールインワンプリンター オールインワンプリンター, カノン(Canon), Pixma, プリンタ, スキャナー

Canon PIXMA MP280 All-in-One (プリンタ, コピー機, Scanner)
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Canon PIXMA MP280 All-in-One 
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The Canon Pixma MP280 is connected per USB. Since Ubuntu 12.04 the printer of the All-in-One device is already supported by the integrated printer drivers of the distribution.

A new printer has to added to the system (select “Printer” in the Ubuntu menue or from the Dash) and the driver for the MP280 has to be chosen. A detailed instruction with screenshots of the configuration steps is available at

If the printer driver is not in the list of supported printers, the driver (MP280 series IJ Printer Driver Ver. 3.40) can be downloaded from Canon:


The scanner is supported by the ScanGear drivers of Canon. This scanner is available at (MP280 series ScanGear MP Ver. 1.60 for Linux).

cd Downloads
tar zxvf scangearmp-mp280series-1.60-1-deb.tar.gz
cd cd scangearmp-mp280series-1.60-1-deb/
sudo ./

Afterwards, the scanner of the All-in-One device can be used with the program scangearamp.


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