M-Audio Fast Track Pro (USB Audio/MIDI 共に Preamp)

マルチメディア M-Audio, Preamplifier, サウンドカード, USB

M-Audio Fast Track Pro (USB Audio/MIDI 共に Preamp)
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M-Audio Fast Track Pro 
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更新: 27/05/2016 14:14


The M-Audio Fast Track Pro is an external USB-1.1 sound card that is supported by the Linux thanks to ALSA module snd_usb_audio. The sound card support recording with 16 bit an a sampling rate up to 48000 KHz. The Fast Track Pro also supports 24bit but this will need patching of the standard sound driver (for kernels below version 3.1).

The Fast Track Pro has the USB-ID 0763;2012

Bus 002 Device 004: ID 0763:2012 Midiman M-Audio Fast Track Pro

To activate the 24 bit support it might be necessary to apply a kernel patch (depending on the kernel version). Furthermore, the kernel module snd_usb_audio has to be started with additional options that have to be added to /etc/modprobe.d/fast-track-pro:

options	snd_usb_audio	vid=0x763 pid=0x2012 device_setup=0x9 index=5 enable=1

A detailed description is available that shows how to configure the M-Audio Fast Track Pro for Linux Real Time Kernel (v3.x). Patching and compilation of the configured kernel is necessary and requires advanced Linux skills.


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