Longshine LCS-PS101-2 Printserver (LAN, USB)

プリンタ イーサネット, LAN, Longshine, プリントサーバ, USB

Longshine LCS-PS101-2 Printserver (LAN, USB)
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Longshine LCS-PS101-2 Printserver 
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The Longshine LCS-PS101-2 printserver can connect an USB printer to the ethernet LAN.

The configuration of the printer can be performed by the gnome-cups-manager, which can be installed in Ubuntu by the command:

sudo apt-get install gnome-cups-manager

The web interface of the printserver is accessed at the URL


Furthermore, the configuration can be carried out via telnet:


After configuration of the printserer, the connected printer can be added to the Linux system as an “Network Printer: UNIX Printer LPD”.

It is not possible to use the scanning unit of an All-in-One printer together with the LCS-PS101-2. The device does not support bidirectional communication, i.e. no signals are send back from the printserver to the PC. This also means that the CUPS can produce error messages due to missing feedback from the printserver, although the printing was carried out successfully.

A configuration description for this device in Ubuntu can be found at (in German): http://wiki.ubuntuusers.de/Printserver/Longshine_LCS-PS101-2.


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