Linksys WRT160NL (無線LAN Router, Wireless, 300 Mbit)

ネットワーク 802.11n, シスコ(Cisco), dd-wrt, リンクシス(Linksys), OpenWRT, ルーター, 無線LAN, ワイヤレス

Linksys WRT160NL (無線LAN Router, Wireless, 300 Mbit)
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Linksys WRT160NL 
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The Linksys WRT160NL WiFi router is equipped with a Linux based firmware by default. But, according to several users of the device, the standard firmware seems unstable.


Alternatively it is possible to install the OpenWrt firmware on the router. But only the version v6 of the router is supported and can be used together with the OpenWrt version “Backfire”. For the version v1 of the router a OpenWrt revision “Kamkaze” is available, but is still marked as “Work in Progess”.

If the correct hardware version (v6) is available, the installation of OpenWrt is quite simple. First, the “Backfire” version of the firmware has to be downloaded:

The firmware can be uploaded to the device with the web interface of the standard firmware. Afterwards, the OpenWrt Router can be reached at the address with a web browser.

It is also possible to connect additional devices to the WRT160NL, e.g. a webcam or an Arduino board. Such setups are described at

Further information how to use OpenWrt on the WRT160 can be found at


Also the dd-Wrt firmware can be used on the WRT160NL: dd-wrt on a WRT160NL.

Installation- and configuration hints for dd-wrt are given at
The pre-compiled firmware file is used in this case.


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