TerraTec Cinergy HTC (USB-Stick, HD)

マルチメディア DVB-C, DVB-T, HD, TerraTec, テレビ, USB

TerraTec Cinergy HTC (USB-Stick, HD)
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TerraTec Cinergy HTC 
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The USB stick Cinergy HTC from TerraTec supports DVB-C as well as DVB-T. Support was added to the Linux kernel quite recently, therefore the stick can be used out-of-the-box only since Ubuntu 12.10. The stick has the USB ID 0ccd:00b2 and is recognized by the kernel in the following way:

Bus 001 Device 002: ID 0ccd:00b2 TerraTec Electronic GmbH

The stick is initialized by the kernel module em28xx:

em28xx: New device TERRATEC Cinergy_HTC_Stick @ 480 Mbps (0ccd:00b2, interface 0, class 0)
em28xx: Audio Vendor Class interface 0 found
em28xx: Video interface 0 found
em28xx: DVB interface 0 found
em28xx #0: chip ID is em2884
em28xx #0: Identified as Terratec Cinergy HTC Stick (card=82)
em28xx #0: Config register raw data: 0x3f
em28xx #0: I2S Audio (5 sample rates)
em28xx #0: No AC97 audio processor
em28xx #0: v4l2 driver version 0.1.3
em28xx #0: V4L2 video device registered as video0
usbcore: registered new interface driver em28xx
em28xx-audio.c: probing for em28xx Audio Vendor Class
em28xx-audio.c: Copyright (C) 2006 Markus Rechberger
em28xx-audio.c: Copyright (C) 2007-2011 Mauro Carvalho Chehab
Em28xx: Initialized (Em28xx Audio Extension) extension

The stick can be used in Ubuntu 12.04, but the kernel module em28xx has to be compiled by hand:

git clone git://linuxtv.org/media_build.git
cd media_build
sudo make install


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