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My scan at 2016-01-09, 17:48:24
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2016-01-09, 17:48:24
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Korora release 23 (Coral)
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Identified: 7
Unknown: 5
LHG-Team wrote at 25th of January 2016 07:58:10 PM the following comment:
Please provide additional information regarding the bluetooth. Is it an external USB stick or internal?


Known Hardware

no-image Laptop, 15.6 Inch
(No comment)
no-image Processor, 1.7GHz
(No comment)
SanDisk-Ultra-Fit Flash Drive, USB, 32GB, Low-Profile
(No comment)
sandisk-ultra-cz48-64gb-usb-3-0-flash-drive-transfer-speeds-up-to-100mbs-sdcz48-064g-uam46 Flash Drive, 64GB, USB
(No comment)
geil-zenith-a3-series-gz25a3-120g-120gb-2-5in-sata3-solid-state-drive SSD, 120 GB, SATA
(No comment)
generic-ultra-slim-9-5mm-dvd-cd-burner-uj8c2-for-dell-hp-acer-asus DVD, Writer, DVD+-RW, SATA, Internal, Laptop
(No comment)
D-Link-DWA-131 N300, USB, WiFi Adapter
(No comment)

New Hardware