Sabrent USB-AVCPT (USB 2.0 Digital Vídeo Grabber)

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Sabrent USB-AVCPT (USB 2.0 Digital Vídeo Grabber)
Compatibilidad con Linux:
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Sabrent USB-AVCPT 
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Revisión de Compatibilidad con Linux

The Sabrent USB-AVCPT is identical to the one version of the devices distributed under the name EasyCap DC60. Therefore, the same information and hits for the DC60 are also valid for the Sabrent USB-AVCPT.

With this USB 2.0 grabber video can be recorded via USB. There are two different versions of the stick distributed under the same name. However, both version as compatible with Linux.

One version has the USB ID 05e1:0408 and can be recognized by the following lsusb output

Bus 001 Device 003: ID 05e1:0408 Syntek Semiconductor Co., Ltd

This model is automatically recognized by the Linux kernel, e.g. under Ubuntu 11.10 and OpenSUSE 11.4, if plugged in. The kernel module stk11xx is used to access the device:

stk11xx: Initialize USB2.0 Syntek Capture device
stk11xx: Syntek USB2.0 Capture device is ready
stk11xx: Syntek USB2.0 Camera is now controlling video device /dev/video0
usbcore: registered new interface driver usb_stk11xx_driver
stk11xx: v2.2.0 : Syntek USB Video Camera

The video signal can be recorded for example with mplayer:

mplayer tv:// -tv driver=v4l2:norm=PAL_BGHIN:width=720:height=576:outfmt=uyvy:
device=/dev/video0:input=0:fps=25:buffersize=64 -hardframedrop -vo xv -ao alsa

The driver for the USB-ACVPT was developed as SourceForge project before it became part of the Linux kernel. The SourcForge project is abandoned since the driver was merged into the kernel.

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