Asus PCE-AC56 (PCIe, 802.11ac, 1300Mbits, 2×2 MIMO, TurboQAM)

Network 802.11ac, Asus, PCI-Express, WiFi

Asus PCE-AC56 (PCIe, 802.11ac, 1300Mbits, 2×2 MIMO, TurboQAM)
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Review of Linux Compatibility

The Asus PCE-AC56 is a PCI Express WiFi card with PCI ID 14e4:43b1

03:00.0 Network controller [0280]: Broadcom Corporation Device [14e4:43b1] (rev 03)

The card uses the Broadcom BCM4352 chipset and therefore wireless connections of the IEEE 802.11ac standard.

Until now there is no Linux driver for the Asus PCE-AC56 in the Linux standard kernel. However, a driver for the used chipset is provided by Broadcom for download. This driver has to be compiled and installed per hand. It is not known if this driver can successfully be used with the Asus PCE-AC56. Please share your experiences in the comment section of this page with other Linux users.

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  • Russian Ninja on said:

    Without another compatible wireless adapter, getting drivers would seem to be difficult.
    I have managed to install drivers on Linux Mint Cinnamon 17.2 through the Driver Manager in the Settings using my previous wireless adapter. Signal Strength is around 66% for the 5Ghz, 100% for the 2.4Ghz. Router is straight across a wall and a closet, so essentially it has to pass through three walls. I’m also not using the extension cable, with it being used, the signal strength may actually go up to ~ 70%.

    • Matthew on said:

      What driver did you use? Was it the Broadcom driver? I want to use Linux mint 17.3 or Ubuntu 15.10 both 64bit distros. How can I get a driver for this network card?


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