Futronic FS80 (Fingerprint Scanner, USB)

I/O Finger Print Scanner, Futronic, USB

Futronic FS80 (Fingerprint Scanner, USB)
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Review of Linux Compatibility

The Futronic FS80 is a USB fingerprint scanner, which scans images with a resolution of 320 x 480 pixels. A Linux SDK is provided by the Futronic for download. This SDK needs a Linux kernel of version 2.4. or later.

For the installation of the driver (as explained here for Ubuntu 10.04) the file http://www.futronic-tech.com/download/Linux_ftrScanAPI_Ex.zip has to be downloaded and unzipped.

The archive contains two example executable (ftrScanAPI_Ex and gtk_ex), the scan library (libScanAPI.so) and a help file (readme.txt)

The executables needs the following libstdc libraries installed:

apt-get install libstdc + +6-4.1-dev libstdc + +6

After changing the permission of the example file

chmod u + x ftrScanAPI_Ex

it can be executed (but needs root permission)

sudo . /FtrScanAPI_Ex

This simple example program saves a BMP image of the scanned fingerprint as an image “frame_Ex.bmp”, after the finger was placed on the device.

Since information of the Linux compatibility of this device is very sparse, it is not clear if the Futronic FS88 can be used with tools like the Fingprint-GUI.

Hardware details: http://www.futronic-tech.com/product_fs80.html

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