Edimax EW-7612UAn (WiFi, USB Adapter, 300Mbit/s, 802.11n)

Network 802.11n, Edimax, USB

Edimax EW-7612UAn (WiFi, USB Adapter, 300Mbit/s, 802.11n)
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Review of Linux Compatibility

The Edimax EW-7612UAn is a USB WiFi stick, which is available in two different versions, both of them using a different chipset and hence needing different drivers.

Version V1: 0bda:8172

The version V1 of the EW-7612UAn bases on the Realtek RTL8191SU chipset and has the USB ID 0bda:8172:

Bus 001 Device 006: ID 0bda:8172 Realtek Semiconductor Corp. RTL8191SU 802.11n WLAN Adapter

The stick is supported under Linux by the kernel module rtl819x.
Alternatively, the driver provided by Edimax for download can be used. However, this driver has to be compiled and installed by hand.

Version V2: 7392:7822

The version V2 of the EW-7612UAn bases on the RTL8192SU chipset and has the USB ID 7392:7822:

Bus 001 Device 006: ID 7392:7822 Edimax Technology Co., Ltd

There is no driver integrated in the Linux standard kernel for this stick until now. Therefore, one has to download the driver from the Edimax homepage.
The configuration and installation of the driver is explained in detail at http://blog.unterhaltungsbox.com/ew-7612uan-v2-unter-debian/ (in German) and shortly repeated here. The following steps have to be executed in order to install the RTL8192 driver:

1. The RTL8192SU driver package needs to be downloaded:

wget http://blog.unterhaltungsbox.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/05/RTL8192.zip

2. The tools unzip and nano are needed for the installation. These tools can be installed by

apt-get install unzip nano

3. Afterwards, the downloaded archive can be unzipped:

unzip RTL8192.zip

4. and the included archive can be unpacked:

cd RTL8188C_8192C_8192D_USB_linux_v3.4.2_3727.20120404/driver/
tar xfvz rtl8188C_8192C_8192D_usb_linux_v3.4.2_3727.20120404.tar.gz

5. In order to change the souce code files, one should change to the following directory:

cd rtl8188C_8192C_8192D_usb_linux_v3.4.2_3727.20120404/include/

6. and has to change the file osdep_service.h

nano osdep_service.h

and add after the lines

#include <drv_conf.h>
#include <basic_types.h>

the following include command:

#include <linux/sched.h>

This means, that the file should look like the following:

#ifndef __OSDEP_SERVICE_H_
#define __OSDEP_SERVICE_H_

#include <drv_conf.h>
#include <basic_types.h>
#include <linux/sched.h>
//#include <rtl871x_byteorder.h>

7. Finally, the driver can be compiled and installed

cd ..
make clean
sudo make install

8. The compiled kernel module 8192cu can be loaded by

modprobe 8192cu

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    • AY on said:

      Yes, I got the correct path deleted by the site. So
      #include “less than” linux “forward slash” sched.h “greater than”
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      Hello Finian,
      The installation instruction of the mentioned blog was translated from German to English. It is now part of the hardware description.

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